Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My Love Hate Relationship with Carports in Adelaide

Carports have always made me a little nervous in Adelaide. While they instill most people with great comfort, knowing their car will be safe and sound against the elements and thieves, for me they remind we of an event I’d rather forget. Back when I was 16, I had a little accident with my carport that got me in a lot of trouble.

It was at the end of my third driving lesson that my mum suggested to me that I should park in the driveway. After having a great driving lesson where I mastered three-point turns and parking, I decided this small feat would be fine. So, I flicked on the indicator and turned into the driveway. However, as I got closer to the carport, my nerves started to flare up and I hit my foot down on the brake. However, what I thought was the break actually ended up being the accelerator and we plowed into the carport. My mum was beside herself and had quickly tried to grab the hand brake, but unfortunately as we were driving in her Tarago van, the hand brake was positioned under the steering wheel.

Nearly ten years on and I still have vivid memories of my mum getting out of the car and sinking to her knees looking at the damage. I also remember her dry reaching and me standing to the side of the car sheepishly, declaring that I didn’t press the wrong pedal and that it actually was her lipstick that had fallen under the pedal preventing me from stopping. The situation got even worse when my sisters and Dad ran out the front to see what all the commotion was like. The accident had caused quite a loud bang, so much so that inside my sisters had jokingly said that the noise was probably me crashing into the house. While they had only been joking, the irony was lost on Mum and I. 

Unfortunately, the whole carport door was dented beyond repair and the car needed major work. Not only had I crashed into the metal door, but also managed to nudge the brick wall in the process. To say I was in the bad books was an understatement, however, my parents were just glad that I hadn’t been injured. The weeks that followed were pretty unpleasant. We had to have a average size rental car, which my sisters always reminded me was my fault. However, as the saying goes, there is always a silver lining. While the damage to the car wasn’t great, the insurance did cover the cost. Plus, we got a brand new carport that actually ended up making my dad’s life a whole lot easier. 

Our previous carport door had to be lifted manually. It was an ugly maroon colour and once lifted had to be supported by a long piece of wood that propped it up. My dad would always get very agitated, as he was the only one that could open the carport door. My mum would often arrive home and toot the horn, which would mean she needed dad to open the door. This was often met with my dad stomping up the hall and angrily obliging. 

Anyway, the old carport door was replaced with a beautiful automatic door that rises and fell with a push of the button. When the carport was renovated I think my dad was secretly happy that my little accident had made them make the switch to the enhanced technology. 

The moral of the story really is, don’t wait for something bad to push you over the edge to make a change. If you have been struggling with an outdated carport that requires a complete overhaul, be proactive about it. The team at Western Pergolas and Decks specialise in carports in Adelaide and will be able to assist you with new builds or alterations you wish to make to your carport. For further information about their services, visit their website today at http://westernpergolasndecking.com.au/.

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